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Dramatically improve count room and laboratory uptime with Mirion Lab‑Pulse™ Services

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Lab-Pulse Services proactively informs you of your instruments’ status: wherever you are, whenever you want.


If an issue does occur, Mirion is prepared to get you back to normal operations quickly.


By extending the life of your Mirion products with detailed system performance evaluations, personalized recommendations and action plans.


Comprehensive value-based services for your HPGe system

A powerful complement to Mirion’s on-site Customer Service Agreements

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How Lab-Pulse Services Benefits Your Count Room


Confidence & Reliability

  • Know your systems will perform during surge operations
  • Fewer spares required


Increased Uptime

  • Less lost revenue
  • Fewer missed deadlines


Better Operational Efficiency

  • Advanced planning for system maintenance
  • Faster troubleshooting
  • Fewer emergency visits


Better Return on Investment

  • Equipment lasts longer
  • Equipment performs better

Learn how Mirion's IoT Cloud Platform Works

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What's included with Lab‑Pulse Services?

  • Automatic notification of alarms for monitored instruments
  • Guaranteed response by a Mirion Service expert within the next business day for any Lab-Pulse generated technical support case from instrument alarms
  • Access to Lab-Pulse User Dashboard for reviewing instrument real-time status remotely
  • Monthly Executive Summary Reports of instrument uptime and Mirion Response status
  • Bi-annual Lab-Pulse remote review of Lab-Pulse instruments covered for in-depth State of Health status, early failure warning indicators, optimum ambient conditions, and personalized recommendations and action plans.

What instruments does Lab‑Pulse Services support?

The initial release of Lab-Pulse Services supports the following gamma spectroscopy devices:

  • HPGe detectors outfitted with Mirion’s iPA™ (intelligent preamplifier)
  • The Cryo-Pulse® 5 Plus (CP5-Plus) electrically cooled cryostats
  • The Intelligent Cryo-Cycle (iCC) Cryostat, a new hybrid cooler for Mirion germanium detectors